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Gay Whatsapp Group – Get Gay whatsapp links 2023


Gay Whatsapp Group: Hello guys, have you been searching for the active Gay Whatsapp Group and the latest Indian Gay Numbers for friendship, here you will find where you can get Indian Boy Number and other active Indian Gays Contact Numbers around the world. There is no need to search more, Gistlite has always got you covered.

Right on this page, we are updating you with numerous contacts and groups of gay boys residing in India to choose from. Some of these Gay Boys reside outside India, feel free to choose from other locations.

There are multiple Gay dating platforms on-air; both paid and free. Grindr is also a good one. We help you narrow your quest for a partner. We have a list of Gay Boys Numbers plus WhatsApp groups to join and start bonding prompto.

India, located in the continent of Asia is a land of ancient civilizations. India’s social, economic, and cultural configurations are the products of a long process of regional expansion. and that makes India the best place to spend your holiday if you are a lover of art and culture.

Here are some nice and friendship gay Whatsapp groups in India and Gay Boys Whatsapp Number where you can chat for a successful friendship, feel free as we update you more with our latest information.

Gay Whatsapp Group: Dating A Gay In India

Something is fascinating about dating India gay, that you need to know, when dating an Indian gay you have to make sure that you are dating him alone because they are too jealous, they are eager to sacrifice their life for love. They always assume unrealistic expectations, once you agree to go out with him, Indian gay precisely; they automatically took you as his partner.

But once an understanding is applied, you will enjoy them with their Bollywood music, which is probably one the biggest religion in India worldwide and has a wide range of songs.

One of the most important aspects is that Whatsapp group team researchers have solemnly discovered about Indian guys is that they respect women at home and in society as well, so tell me! won’t you like to be respected and pampered,won’t you like to be pet like an egg, I doubt; no one will see this golden opportunity and miss out.

So join India Gays Whatsapp Group Link and meet your prince charming and endowed caring, respected guys, for a great and long-lasting relationship

it intrigues me to compile this active gay Whatsapp group and gay Whatsapp number forum

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India Gay Contact Number For Friendship

Gay Boy Number
Gay Whatsapp Numbers

Name: Blessing John
Age: 29
Location: India
Whatsapp Number: +8104643330

Name: Talha Jani
Age: 22
Location: India
Whatsapp Number: 03340874833

Name: Twaha Zia
Age: 23
Whatsapp Number: 03052799927

1. Name: Emelda
Location: India
Whatsapp Number:919096000152

2. Name: Rocky
Location: India
Whatsapp Number:917278144425

3. Name: Jackson
Location: India
Whatsapp Number: 91992725***

4. Name: Rahil
Location: India
Whatsapp number919886323578

5. Name: Rashid
Location: India
Whatsapp Number91996***

6. Name: Jomar
Location: India
Whatsapp Number:966571291773

Gay Phone Number to Call for Friendship

Hey, y’ all! It’s Gay Phone numbers to call and text for friendship

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything concerning Gay phone numbers to call and text, honestly, I wanna talk to more people and get actionable data about them.

This group is a straight male platform, and if you need a place to get something off your chest or need someone to talk to check out our Gay Contact Number.

We are always here and I’d love to help. even if you are new here; you’d probably still going meet someone to make friends with right here.

Finding the right Gay Phone Numbers to satisfy our reader’s curiosity is our optimum goal.

On this post we are going to help you with Gay phone numbers in USA, Gay Contact Numbers in Vadodara, and Gayan Gunawardena Contact numbers.

But before then let’s make some hints on how to get Gay Mobile Numbers online.

Hint on how to get a Gay Mobile Number Online

The first step!
You will have to go to a search engine and download an application called, Grindr, Blued, Hornet
Once after downloading it
Then register yourself in the app and start to interact with them one after the other.

One important thing here is how you communicate with them.
Gays don’t like rude people and many of them are often about fun while some have no direction, so you have to make sure you declare your intentions and what you’re actually looking for to the person you interact with.

start it friendly to know each other.
start with “Hi”;
probably when you get a response that shows you’re there.

Ask him about the country where he is coming from and if he will like to migrate to yours.

ask the person about his family and how life is treating them with the situation of their country during this pandemic

Then ask about his likes/dislikes
his favourite colour
his hobbies
and what he mostly adores in life

Once his response is ok, you will notice that you have gotten his attention. Also, allow him to ask you and attend to their questions as well because they like attention and a person who gives them a listening ear.

Through this process you can then ask him for his Whatsapp Number, he will definitely give it to you because you both have built an early friendly chat.

Gay Phone numbers to call and Text

Getting the Active Gay phone number has been the most difficult situation I faced so far, but in the end; we were able to provide you with much of this.

1.Name: Bush
Age: 28
Location: U.S
Phone Numbers: +919321232203

2. Name: Gorge
Age: 23
Location: America
Phone Numbers: +40771012652

3. Name: Cali
Age: 27
Location: India
Phone Numbers: +918090970678

4. Name: Humphry
Location: U.S
Phone Numbers: +18884012626

5. Name: Jackson
Age: 24
Location: Denmark
Phone Numbers: +18774488935

6. Name: Ismaily
Location: Nigeria
Phone Numbers: +2348064764951

7. Name: Paulson
Age: 23
Location: Denmark
Phone Number: +18668385612

  • +91 70025 24634
  • +91 73899 73263
  • +91 97411 31618
  • +91 97837 32076
  • +91 6291 909 125
  • +91 86903 76236
  • +91 78790 98061
  • +91 75760 82435
  • +91 97938 10052
  • +91 82528 44439
  • +91 87080 46061
  • +923041565064
  • 1-888-843-4564
  • 1-310-484-7272
  • 1-888-774-1535
  • 1-800-417-9447

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Active Gay Boys Whatsapp Number

Name: Himansu Dada
Age: 23
Location: Delhi
Whatsapp Number: +9700802321

Name: Deepak Kumar
Age: 22
Location: Dehradun
Whatsapp Number: +8005831649

Name: Pradip Kumar
Age: 22
Location: Delhi
Whatsapp Number: +7608086692

Name: Babula Sahu
Location: Gujurat
Whatsapp Number: +700077842

Name: Salman Soni
Age: 27
Location: U.S.A
Whatsapp Number:+923177723175

Name: Sujan
Age: 30
Location: PAKISTAN
Whatsapp Number: 8431495586

Gay Chatline to Call and Make Friends

The zesty thing about this brand chatline is that it creates a room for guys to call and chat at the same time. calling this Phone Numbers will not give you access to all the features you are looking for but we have a room where you can browse the high calibre of guys that are signed up

Keep the call and chat friendly, cool and calm. It’s completely up to you.

Gay Chatline Phone Numbers

These numbers are for those looking for a casual relationship, friendship. we put these on the line to help make things easy for our readers.

Gay Whatsapp group offers you a chance to meet and engage with other-minded Gay individuals.

The process is easy! Just get started by calling the toll-free number, get to record your greeting, listen in to other greetings and chat live on the phone!. Then the friendship is there for you to build, many of these guys are still single, so keep your chat stable. 














  • Please no spamming anyone in the group. as the guys can pick an offence at any slight word
  • The platform is basically for everyone, both boys and girls
  • Please no posting of nude pictures here or p**n videos, for it is prohibited here
  • Do not change the group name, group icon, or group description
  • No advertising or running of the promotion here.
  • Give respect to all group member
  • Should in case you have any problem in this group, don’t hesitate to adhere to the group admin

make sure all these rules are kept irrespective of whom you are, for here, everybody is one, friend as well. but if you adhere to following the rules, you will be removed and won’t have an opportunity to join again

How To Join Indian Gay Whatsapp Group

  • Scroll down and select the group you want to join
  • Click on the “JOIN NOW” or “LINk” button and you will be redirected to the Whatsapp group join window
  • Now click on the “join group”button and you will easily join

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Gay Whatsapp Groups to Join

Friendly Gay… Join Now

lovely Gay… Join Now

Se&y Friends….. Join Now

Me And U… Join Now

Tall &Cute… Join Now

Handsome Guys… Join Now

Cute and Handsome… join Now

Tall Gays… Join Now

Gay With Smiles… Join

Tamil Gay Group – Link

Nice Boys Group – Link

Australia Gay Group – Link

Karachi Boys Gay group – Link

Naswerchi group – Link

Gay Lover group – Link

Dating with Gay’s group – Link

Gay fun group – Link

Gay Video calling only Group – Link

Ludhiana Gay Group – Link

Sydney gay Group – Link

Monkey Man Fake group – Link

Chennai gay group – Link

Screening Sharing Group – Link

Masti Paradise Group – Link

Gay video Group – Link

Girls and boys Friends circle group – Link

Bottom and Shemale Group – Link

Grand Mastio World group – Link

Tamil lack gay group – Link

Toys only Group – Link

Only Animals Group – Link

Friendship Forever Group – Link

100% Real Boy group – Link

Leave me alone group – Link

Petani group – Link

UK Gay dating group – Link

Chennai gay bottom group – Link

Indian gay group – Link

Deoria Kushinagar guy group – Link

Chennai Item gay group – Link

Boring wali group – Link

Homo the vidiya group – Link

Men gay group – Link

Thanks for being in my life group – Link

Boys Love forever group – Link

Gangster group – Link

Gay With Pleasure — Link


Gays Muscano– Link

putaria yags– Link



As you know Whatsapp is the best and easiest means of communication in the world today, and that is why our Free Dating Whatsapp group has made provision for Whatsapp link, where you can have access to meet and communicate with your partner

through this Whatsapp link, you can still get that opportunity to meet with the best spouse who can truly respect and acknowledge that woman in you

I look forward to hearing from you as you leave a message in the comment box if any issue is observed.

the door is open to whichever partner, enjoy as our WhatsApp group team update you more and more.

Best regard

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