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Relationship Circle – join and improve your relationship

healthy relationship circle

RELATIONSHIP CIRCLE, hello friends, it’s indeed a great privilege to be part of this world-class platform, have you asked yourself this question, Can I have the relationship I want?.. What do I want? .. I know and like myself… I know and like him… He knows and likes me … Unhappy about how things are going? … Am I in a healthy relationship? … wow, it’s even worse than I thought! … Do I stay or do I go?

Life and love are full of choices but sometimes complicated, the choice you make today determines how your future will be.y

This HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP CIRCLE offers a way to structure relationship level, here we have what a healthy relationship circle is all about, tips to maintain relationships etc, also in this platform, we are going to explain to you why all healthy relationships are not the same, because the world we live in today has made relationship very controversial that nobody seems to value relationship again.

Build A Healthy Relationship Circle

A healthy relationship is one of the keys to healthy living, healthy relationship brings out the best in your cheek, makes your body shine and glamour.

The first question to ask yourself is, what do I want in a relationship.

The key to finding the right guy lies in what you need in a relationship, whether the caring, tall and most handsome, it all shifting in your focus.

Now come to think of it, what is this healthy relationship? this is when you are in a relationship you are comfortable with, you and your partner understanding each other, having peace of mind when you are with your spouse, feel special and appreciated in a relationship and finally have mutual honesty with respect.

why are healthy relationship important

Building a positive relationship is a very important aspect of life, it does only makes us happier, it also improves our feelings of security, and provides meaning to our lives.

As human beings, the relationship we form with our friends family and people around us plays a vital role in our mental and emotional well-being, and that determines how long we can live or survive here on earth.

So it is right to acknowledge our partner’s feelings, rights and dignity for them to appreciate the happiness that comes from a relationship.

And let me make it clear to you, a positive relationship can be achieved only between any two people who love, support, encourage and help each other practically as well as emotionally.

How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Relationship, in the beginning, is as fresh as any food but when we don’t do anything to keep it fresh for a longer time, what will happen is that it will get spoiled, and that is the same with love.

Good and healthy relationships don’t just happen, it takes a lot of work and energy, have you seen anyone trying to build a healthy relationship and he said work is not required there? no one does.

There is a lot of work to be done before expecting a healthy relationship to come in.

HowTo Maintain A Heathy Relationship circle

  1. DON’T CHANGE YOUR PARTNER EMOTION BY DOUBTING HER: For many years now, i have had different conflict with my girl just that i am trying to change her become the way i want, and all this while it is not working rather we are having issues everyday. i gave it a thought and after a while i realise that i can not change her, rather i accepted her for whom she is and adept to her aid than frustratig myself.
  2. DO NOT TRY TO CONTROL YOUR PARNER: well , we all know how tough relationship is at he start,trying to make someone do all you expect froom her is hard, so the only remedy is If you cannot handle compromise then leave the relationship, do not try to control or change your partner to make it work.because you will end up living misery life.
  3. ALWAYS SUPPORT THEIR INTEREST: This seems to be the one that triger women very much, for example, have your partner ever woke you up to share with you her interest in what to do or become, and you gave her a listening ear? if you have, I bet you, she will love you for whom you are because of that attention.

4. DO NOT TRY TO MINIMIZE MINIMIZE YOUR PARTNER’S EMOTIONS: For example, if your partner is angry at something, do not criticize her nor cause her, that won’t solve the problem. all you need to do is keep calm and see what is responsible for her anger.

anger can be destructive or constructive, so whichever one you choose works for you.

How to Save Your Relationship from Breakup -Key to success takeov

In as much as it’s no new thing in our society today, it keeps repeating. Even the strongest of relationships at some point face challenges. 

Building a healthy and worthwhile relationship takes so much energy and work and may not always be easy especially when trust has been broken.

These challenges are part of life and also the inevitable part of being in a relationship. And the goal isn’t to dwell on the past or convolute the situations, but to work together as a unit to fix up messy situations in a tactical and meaningful way.

 It might be a bit stressful and painful to face but leaving these issues unresolved would definitely not help either party in the long run  Over the years, I’ve seen countless people with the notion that breakups are the easiest way out especially if they’re going through a painful stage in their relationships.

This set of people believes that in order to avoid the hurt and stress of the present, they have to say goodbye before it gets to the point of being too late. While this mental apprehension seems practical, it’s actually one of the numerous reasons why we lose the chance to truly be happy with the one meant for us.

Easily giving up on something just because it’s hard will definitely not help you find true happiness in a relationship.

Just like how the famous line goes, “nothing really good comes easy” You’ve got to take on a lot of obstacles first before you can finally get what you’ve always deserved most times. tips on how to salvage your relationship from a breakup will be discussed on the next page.

How to make long distance relationship a Healthy Relationship

It’s quite known that a long-distance relationship is not easy, but that shouldn’t be a barrier to the growth of your relationship. with much commitment and communication, a long-distance relationship can be more stable than a close or geographical relationship.

you only need to know your partner attitude and lifestyle for it to work

now let’s look at these features

  • how often do you call her
  • how many times do you payher a visit in a week
  • have you met her away from home to spend times with her
  • do you support her out of home or do resist because she is not with you
  • creat a trust boundary between two of you
  • frequent use online resources can help cultivate trust in a romantic relationship
  • are you commited nto your partner, if you do that good enough

By following these features, your long-distance relationship will be fun and appreciated

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Breakup Quote For Him From The Heart

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, breakup is one of the hardest things anyone can pray for.

This is some serious world outer during the incident;

I hated the day I allowed myself to be your priority while I became an option to myself

I hate you…

Pain makes you stronger.

This fear makes you braver.

While heartbreak has thought me to be wise.

I will not be allowed myself to be fooled again.

But I will not regret it. because good things fall about sometimes while,

Better things are on the way in.

Though it hot a lot but.

I have to move on and be a strong woman.

Starting from today, dear heart.

I need you to forget what is gone, appreciate what still remains, and think of the future.

Then take a step back and look at the beautiful things that you left behind.

You will realize that you have a reason to let go.

And fight for what will do not seen.


In Conclusion/Relationship Circle

You don’t need any herb, candles, or ingredients to make your relationship strong, you only need good communication, loyal, and someone who trusts you to make it strong and healthy.

When making a decision on whom to maintain a healthy relationship, you don’t look at the beauty but character.

Always remember not to allow your argument sleepover so that it will not affect your healthy relationship

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