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We welcome you all in this great, wonderful, and interactive section, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP CIRCLE. it is indeed a great privilege to be part of this world-class HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP CIRCLE lecture.

This HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP CIRCLE offers a way to structure relationship level, here we have what a healthy relationship circle is all about, tips to maintain relationships and etc, also in this platform, we are going to explain to you why all healthy relationships are not the same, because the world we live in today has made relationship very controversial that nobody seems to value relationship again.

What Is A Healthy Relationship

When we talk about a healthy relationship we refer to a relationship between two partners without fighting, issues nor quarrels. here there may be a problem arising sometimes but the amazing part which made it healthy is that both partners don’t allow it to sleep till the next day, let me tell you, for a relationship to be healthy and end happily both of you need to work hard over it.

another thing is that you need to be someone who has a standard, no what you want and what you can stay with, the best advice I can give you is if you feel someone doesn’t fit your criteria, don’t go into that relationship. you have to be compatible with others for this to work.

In a healthy relationship, people want the best for the other and can expect support from the other. They are happy when the other one has something good happen, and helpful when something bad happens.

Tips To A Healthy Relationship

1: THE ABILITY TO MANAGE CONFLICT: It’s normal to have conflict the way you control and deal with it count much, when a compromise doesn’t seem possible, the next key is to manage conflict and fight fair.

sometimes Mr. A will like to make an order which Mrs. B will not adhere to, then at that point argument will come up and conflict comes in, but in other to avoid that conflict you try to resist the urge that will pop up prior to events that will help you prove your point, staying on track helps prevent conflict from escalating, always considers your partner view before trying to argue.

2: RESPECT YOUR DIFFERENCES: In every relationship, partners will always have individual differences, but the most important thing is how you manage to solve them without being over-reactive, and without separating from each other

3: ENGAGE HER WITH QUALITY TIME: Sometimes this doesn’t have to be going on vacation or date, it can just creating time to stay with her at home, take a launch and have some happy moment talking about each other funny experience during the week.

4: LOYALTY AND FIDELITY: There is nothing worth like being loyal and Fidel, that will speed the growth of your relationship if your partner has examined you and no that this is the type of person you are I doubt you that it will be very difficult for stressful and contradicting argument to come in.

5: GIVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: I must tell you, true love doesn’t go with terms and conditions, if terms and conditions are applied to it, both partners will not enjoy the relationship, they can only end like a teammate and not like romantic lovers.

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This patient is very important in any relationship but you can only achieve it if you know your partner very well, patients the mother of virtue.

there are keys that guaranty assurance in your relationship.

  • knowing your partner as a person
  • having a very good talk to yourself is a good key factor
  • a patient comes naturally, so you must learn how to forgive, when you love someone there is nothing you will not do to maintain that love
  • you have to tolerate her imperfection regardless of any amount it comes.
  • Sometimes s it better off to be patient, because a patient is the mother of all virtues.

How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship

Relationship, in the beginning, is as fresh as any food but when we don’t do anything to keep it fresh for a longer time, what will happen is that it will get spoiled, and that is the same with love.

if we don’t have any idea about keeping it fresh then it is expected to do any changes after a few months or years together.

There are really a lot of changes in a relationship as it is getting longer, because couples then will start to discover something from each other which are not known at the beginning of the relationship like behavior, attitude, styles, modes, etc.

It is not easy to keep a healthy relationship if you are living together for long, it can be either your partner or you will change into a not good habit which will be the cause of any arguments.

One of the best keys to a healthy relationship is communication, and both partners should be aware of it to ensure that you are on the same page and in the same direction.

why is it so hard to save broken relationship

Because painful experiences and hurtful words and actions proceed to a broken relationship. People are always programmed to avoid painful things. sometimes by the time a relationship is recognized as being broken, trust was one of the things to be lost and after that, it takes willingness and hard work by both parties to repair the broken septic system. Without trust, it isn’t going to happen. Often the best that can happen is … lesson learned.

so it is better to avoid the problem that will bring the break-up.

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Breaking Up Relationship Quotes

Let be honest with ourselves here, breakup is one of the hardest things anyone can pray for.

This is some serious world outer during the incident;

I hated the day I allowed myself to be your priority while I became an option to myself

I hate you…

Pain makes you stronger.

This fear makes you braver.

While heartbreak has thought me to be wise.

I will not be allowed myself to be fooled again.

But I will not regret it. because good things fall about sometimes while

Better things are on the way in.

Though it hot a lot but.

I have to move on and be a strong woman.

Starting from today, dear heart.

I need you to forget what gone, appreciate what still remains, and think of the future.

Then take a step back and look at the beautiful things that you left behind.

You will realize that you have a reason to let go.

And fight for what will do not see.


In Conclusion

You don’t need any herb, candles, or ingredients to make your relationship strong, you only need good communication, loyal, and someone who trusts you to make it strong and healthy.

When making a decision on whom to maintain a healthy relationship, you don’t look at the beauty but character.

Always remember not to allow your argument sleepover so that it will not affect your healthy relationship

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