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How To Create A Whatsapp Group Link – whatsapp invite links

how to create a whatsapp group link

Hello everyone, I’m here to help you on how to create a Whatsapp group link, all you need to do is take a sip of juice and relax! Whatsapp team is here to help you out.

Now the question is, have you tried creating a Whatsapp group link before and it was not working, here am going to show you a few simple methods for how I created my Whatsapp group link.

Simple Steps On How To Create A Whatsapp Group Link

  • The first is to download a whatsapp on your adroid,iphone or laptop
  • When you finish up the set ups
  • Then open the group from whatsapp
  • Click on the setting option> group info
  • Tap on the add member option
  • Click on invite group through link
  • Then wait a moment, congratulation.
  • The whatsapp group link is successful created.

After then, you can build the group by adding more members to boost the group link, only if you are the group admin.

How To Create A Whatsapp Group Invite Link To Join Without An Admin

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How To Create A Whatsapp Group Invite Link To Join Without An Admin

In recent years now, Whatsapp has really added many interesting features like before it was “adding a status story” and “colourful Whatsapp status” but recently Whatsapp updated some new interesting features, exp:

  • How to turn disapearing message on.
  • Payments Backgrounds. WhatsApp has announced that users in India can now add Payments Backgrounds while sending money to friends and family through the messaging app.
  • IOS beta gets chat history transfer feature.
  • View Once feature.

How To Turn Whatsapp Disapearing Message On

  1. Open the WhatsApp chat.
  2. Tap the contact’s name.
  3. Tap Disappearing messages.
    • If prompted, tap CONTINUE.
  4. Select Off.

Note: That Messages sent or received before disappearing messages are enabled won’t be affected.

How To Run A Payment On Whatsapp Background

WhatsApp on Tuesday 17th August introduced Payments Backgrounds in India to upgrade the experience of money transfers on its platform. this new feature is relevant as it helps people easily convey a feeling along with sending money.

This feature is only available in India for now, this experience is life both for android and iPhone in that country, WhatsApp team management says that the core idea through the Payments Background feature is to add an element of expression when users are exchanging money on the platform with their friends and family

if you are in India, this is the procedure for using Whatsapp payment background.

Step1: Open WhatsApp and then open the chat where you wish to send money.

Step2: Tap on the Plus icon on the bottom left corner and then click on the Payments option.

Step3: Enter the amount that you wish to send.

Step4: Post that you will get a list of backgrounds located at the bottom of the screen.

Step5: Choose the background that you prefer and a note to your payment.


How To Send Whatsapp Invite Link

  • Open the WhatsApp group chat.
  • Then click the group subject, either the group menu or group info.
  • Then Click Invite to group via link.
  • Select the contact you want to invite.
  • Choose to Send link via WhatsApp or Copy Link. then click Send.
  • Congratulation.
  • NOTE: Group admin can revoke link at any time to make the previous invite link invalid and create a new link.


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