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How to Save Your Relationship from a Breakup – 7 Basic steps

how to save your relationship from a breakup
how to save your relationship from a breakup
how to save your relationship from a breakup

How to Save Your Relationship from a Breakup. Hello guys, In as much as it’s no new thing in our society today, it keeps repeating. Even the strongest of relationships at some point face challenges. 

Building a healthy and worthwhile relationship takes so much energy and work, and may not always be easy especially when trust has been broken. and that is why this Guideline on How to Save your Relationship from a Breakup comes your way here.

These challenges are part of life and also the inevitable part of being in a relationship. And the goal isn’t to dwell on the past or convolute the situations but to work together as a unit to fix up messy situations in a tactical and meaningful way.

 It might be a bit of stress and painful to face but leaving these issues unresolved would definitely not help either party in the long run  Over the years.

I’ve seen countless people with the notion to saving a relationship after breakups is the easiest way out especially if they’re going through a painful stage in their relationships.

This set of people believes that in order to avoid the hurt and stress of the present, they have to say goodbye before it gets to the point of being too late.

While this mental apprehension seems practical, it’s actually one of the numerous reasons why we lose the chance to truly be happy with the one meant for us.

Easily giving up on something just because it’s hard will definitely not help you find true happiness in a relationship. Just like how the famous line goes, “nothing really good comes easy” You’ve got to take on a lot of obstacles first before you can finally get what you’ve always deserved most times.

let’s dive it in.

How to save a relationship from a breakup?

Here are some other tips on saving a relationship after a breakup

how to salvage your relationship from a breakup
how to salvage your relationship from a breakup

1 . SEEK THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM -This is basically the first step in fixing and saving your relationship from breakups. You only fix an issue that you’ve known the cause. This is as explicit as it sounds.

what do I actually mean by this!!! Ever imagined why the first thing a repairman, engineer, doctor or physician does when you present an issue to them is to ask you the cause of malfunctioning?

That is to say that when the cause of an issue is Lucid, it’s very likely to be fixed. Countless things may come up which is really likely to cause breakups in a relationship*

2. Resolve LACK of POOR COMMUNICATION SKILL-There is a right way and wrong way to communicate. in a recent discussion with my Aunt, she had told me about her almost 80yrs old door neighbour who lives out more than half her marital days in quiet sobs.

she confessed that she had suffered ups and downs in her relationship for a full 60yrs. According to her, the pride was not in that she had found a Relationship but the fact that she had managed to keep it for so long.

And that her biggest secret to an everlasting marriage was due to the fact that she had built a good communication with her partner.”Hold ur spouse closer to your heart than you hold your own ego” these were her exact words to my aunt.

Now, What exactly is communication? I would say it’s the act of imparting or exchanging information through speaking, writing or using some other means to someone. I’m sure you’ve probably heard this saying that “communication is the key to any relationship”.

with good communication skills and prowess, you can be able to relate well and rub minds together with not just your partner but almost everyone you come across.  is almost easier said than done as creating and building effective communication takes a bit of expertise from asking open-ended questions during conversations, conveying and expressing ur thoughts, opinions and feelings without filters and being very far from vague during those times and moments.

Also, the ability to note and pick up nonverbal cues as communication isn’t just about the words we say but also how we say them. Also, note the fact that communication is two-way stuff, that is to say, it shouldn’t only be about yourself but both of you.

Mastering the act of communication gives you almost 2/3 the chances of enjoying a better relationship.

3. Let HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY Rules-this is another vital part to focus on and know when trying to save your relationship from falling apart.

Honesty has to do with telling your partner the truth and being totally open with her, both for the big things and the Little ones. it makes you your true self around your partner and can prevent doubts and suspicion in your relationship.

Lies hurt relationships quicker that is to say that if you lie or withhold important pieces of information about yourself from your partner, they are likely to feel betrayed and hurt when they find out the truth which in this, may breed resentment. “Originality is Uniqueness” 

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saving your Relationship after cheating – key to success takeov

1.  RE-EVALUATE WHY YOU GUYS ARE TOGETHER -It’s another salient point when trying to save your relationship from falling apart. this implies going back to the drawing board. To put the “what” and “why” questions to work. What’s that? what really drew me to this person in the first place?

What are the prowess and qualities this individual possesses that got me captivated? Now, what made them so amazing and are they still? Re-evaluating the reasons you came together gives you 101 reasons to still stay together.

Make out time to ask your partner what they fancy and what they don’t usually enjoy about you and then be open and accepting criticism though in a constructive manner.

2. SPENDING TIME TOGETHER DOING SOMETHING SPECIAL – I call this a love rekindler. for me, it’s amongst my turn-on when searching for a partner what does this mean? Well after authenticity, it’s another pivotal point for me during searching for a partner.

As I fancy to connect to that individual who has at least one thing I could share in common with. As a football fanatic, I find it very enjoyable spending time together with my partner to see a football match especially when we support different teams. it’s not just about football games.

It could be anything at all from seeing a movie together at the cinema, watching a TV show together, playing the billiard game together, the table tennis, skating at the Beach, discussing fashion, politics or top celebrities with exuberance or perhaps you both have a favourite restaurant or bar you haven’t visited in ages or maybe taking time off your busy schedules and returning to that place where you first fell in love.

Being in a physical space where you have powerful memories of strong attachment can reignite and rekindle passion and love.

Also being adventurous and trying something together you’ve never tried before. it is said that the excitement of something new produces serotonin and dopamine in our brains. it doesn’t have to be something extraordinary even indoor activities could also be a perfect way to reconnect and enjoy special time together.

playing cheers, Ludo games, hide and seek or even practicing coding on your computers goes down well.

The point is to relax, enjoy the company of each other together doing something special. spending time together doing something special could save your relationships from a breakup.

Forgiveness in a relationship is detaching from anger and bitterness that may have held you back from making progress in your relationship with your partner.

it really has to do with reminding yourself that whatever happened had happened and no reason to drag the past into the present. Reminiscing on hurtful memories and moments only makes them hurt you the more.

It’s only but a process and gradual one at that and not a result. There are very many situations that really call for forgiveness in a relationship.

It could be that your partner hurt you maybe intentionally or not through lies, cheating, arrogance, annoyance, betrayal, anger, insensitivity in any way whatsoever.

We have to really find a way to forgive and let go of negative feelings and desires that may have accumulated in us Holding on to hurts for too long can eventually take both a physical and mental toll on you which may cause depression at some point.

4. CUT OUT EXTERNAL INFLUENCES-Many times, it is the opinions of outsiders in our relationship that breeds toxicity. Understand who’s not impacting or putting in a positive role in your relationship and then try not to take tardy steps about cutting this individual off your relationship affairs.

it’s best you keep your relationship as private as possible give out as few details as you can and Abstain from admitting your partner’s woes to others as there are higher chances they don’t hold the answers to your problems.

it’s best you build stronger communication links instead and talk out your concerns to your partner.

Be mindful that this doesn’t mean you won’t seek advice and counselling about your relationship issues but it definitely should be from an expert or maybe from that one individual you trust and sure brings positivity to your relationship.

While we should never remain In a relationship that hurts or breeds so much negativity to our well-being, every relationship requires true efforts and compliance with our partner’s needs.

Trying the best way we can are honourable tasks to take in making our relationship work out. it’s two-way stuff as it takes TWO TO LOVE

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Things to Say to Save a Breakup

things to say to save a relationship
things to say to save a breakup

Hello friends, On this topic; I am going to tell you what to say to save your relationship from breakup. the thing that will give you a lot of bit hope, a lot of bit perspective and some key insight for you to turn things around.

You’ve heard it a million times but it bears repeating: yes, have you ever thought of this question “what can I do or what can I say for my spouse to change the way she feels about me?

I must tell you, this is a very strong magical statement that one can say to fixate his relationship status, this will give you a clue direction of what you feel about your spouse.

here are the powerful and magical words that can shift your relationship 1% to 90% in a minutes

1. Happiness is all I desire to see in you every day even if you end up not with me: why is this word so powerful, because you have made unsafe mistakes that tend to a breakup; magic can happen to rekindle that love only when you are able to break that selfish circle and start giving them true love.

To know what is best for them no matter how it makes you feel or the impact it might cause to you.

And when you are able to withstand the statement, especially if the love is genuine, they will eventually start shifting every breakup they have towards you. because the other that you are going to be more caring and loving will make them stay with you.

Every woman likes to be pampered, take care of and appreciate every little effort she does.

2. Tell her what she meant to you: when a woman wants to have a breakup, tell her things she needs to hear so that she will understand how important she is to you.

Things that will convince her like “there are many things I can see now that you want to leave my life which I don’t see before.

This is an idea of your partner to know where you coming through, that you have been working feverently on yourself to improve the relationship.

If you can take these two statements into action, you will realize that they will be so detached from you, very loving and caring.

In Summary

Building a happy, healthy partnership takes work and may not always be easy, especially when there’s been a breach of trust. “Issues are a part of life and a part of being in a relationship,”

But if they both can understand each other more, they will enjoy their relationship and avoid breaking up.

Have you thought of what could happen if you end it all?  What if it’s you who needs to change? understand yourself more and consider the possibility that maybe, you’re about to lose someone so special just because you’re being selfish.

Breaking up is not the best thing but if both partners are not committed to saving the relationship, it is likely to work.

Stay safe

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